Provide optimal protection for plants and flowers with Spray in 1

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The best protection against disease and pests for your plants and flowers

Spray in 1 is a natural liquid pesticide that combats mites, thrips and lice. It contains plant extracts that keep your plants clean and healthy.

  • Promotes resistance to disease and pests.
  • Added natural leaf nutrients ensure better growth and more beautifully glossy foliage.
  • Acts as a natural surfactant, making spraying more efficient.

Spray in 1 is harmless to any natural enemies you may use in your cultivation practices.




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Spray in 1 comes in three different types. All of our products are completely natural and harmless to natural enemies.

Spray in 1

Natural liquid pesticide that combats spider mites and thrips.

Spray in 1 Mildew

Protects your plants from fungus in a natural and organic way.

Spray & Stop

Inhibits cell elongation in flowers and plants for more abundant flowering.

Frequently asked questions

  • Spider mites are pests that occur in various crops. Some familiar species include the red spider mite (Tetranychus urticae), bean spider mite (Tetranychus ludeni), carmine spider mite (Tetranychus cinnabarinus) and citrus red mite (Panonychus citri).

    The spider mites are classified as arachnids. They have a single, unsegmented body. The spider mite punctures leaf cells to feed and damages flowers and leaves by doing so.

    You can best fight spider mites with Spray in 1.

  • Thrips cause sucking damage to leaves, flowers and fruits. In particular, this can lead to significant damage to the plant’s ovary. Thrips leave silver-brown marks after feeding on leaf cells. These insects are characterised by their adaptability. There are various species, but the Californian thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) and the tobacco thrips (Thrips tabaci) are especially well-known.

    You can best fight thrips with Spray in 1.

  • Powdery mildew weakens the plant by sucking sap from the leaf cells. Under optimal conditions, this fungus can develop and spread at lightning speed. The optimal temperature is around 22°C with an RH of 60% – 80%. Under these conditions, the spores germinate within two hours.

    Spores (or conidia) are the cause of the infestation. The spores germinate on the leaves and suck the sap from the leaf cells. Powdery mildew develops in the leaf cells, which serve as a source of nutrition for the development of the fungus.

    You can best fight mildew with Spray in 1.

  • No, Spray in 1 products are organic and harmless to natural enemies. If you make use of natural enemies in your cultivation activities, you can use Spray in 1 products with confidence.

  • For the best protection, use the following dosage:

    Spray in 1:
    50ml for 1 litre water
    Spray in 1 Mildew:
    50ml for 1 litre water
    Spray & Stop:
    20ml for 1 litre water


If you have any questions about Spray in 1, please feel free to contact us.


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